How do you handle stress and cope with success?  Here are 3 tips you can follow today.

Find out where it’s really coming from

Usually, stress comes from growing discontent or disharmony in the family or workplace.  So it pays to identify where and what the triggers are.  When you know what they are you are better prepared because you have identified it.  You are fully armed when the particular stressful situation arises.

Talk with your buddies

This stress relieving method works mostly among ladies.  Hanging out with girlfriends brings a much-needed respite from stressful work or family matters.  A study shows that it even lowers the level of cortisol released by your body.  Cortisol is a hormone that’s released when a person is subjected to too much stress.

Do mental conditioning

Go to a quiet place.  Form mental images about past experiences that had brought you sheer joy. Visualize that your mind and body is stress-free and that all your tension has disappeared.  By mental conditioning, you will be able to control negative thoughts and destructive emotions.