There is over a hundred type of headaches that we may encounter in our daily lives each of it has different pain type and different areas in the head which you might feel where the pain is. In this article, we are about to tackle the different kinds of headache locations.

First and foremost we will first tackle the common causes of headaches before we go further. So what causes headaches?
Stress, being tired and emotionally drained cause you to skip meals or even use alcohol in order to avoid the feeling of being stress, theses causes changes in your body that can affect your sleeping pattern that can give strain in your eyes that can trigger so many kinds of headache starting from the stress itself up until the alcohol use and even the change on your sleeping pattern.
Illness, there are also kinds of illness that can trigger a headache especially the likes of cold, fever and flu. Cases like throat infection and ear infection can also trigger a headache as well.

Environment, where you spend most of your time is a common factor as well, an example being exposed to the smoke from the cars even the second-hand smoke that you inhale from smokers and even from the dust can trigger your headache. Also if you are in a very noisy place such as a factory or even in disco bar is a factor as well, even in the office being in front of your computer for a long period of time can trigger as well.

So what are the types of headaches based on location?

Cluster headaches, this type of pain is severe that you can feel like something is burning behind or around your eyes it can be a throbbing pain or just constant. This kind of a headache is not that much common but if you encounter this one it is one of the most painful headaches that you can fell.

A migraine, it is a common type of a headache. This kind of a headache is most often describe as it is something is pounding your head resulting you to feel throbbing pain, some only last for hours but if you are not one of the lucky ones this pain can last up to days and it can always come back whenever you feel you are safe from it. This type of headaches comes with you being irritated with noise, smell or even intense light you can feel like vomiting, being dizzy and even losing the appetite to eat.

Tension headaches, these types of headaches just comes out of nowhere children, teens, adult and old has no escape from it. Even though it chooses everybody this kind of a headache does not hurt that much compared to the other ones.

Sinus headaches, pain on your forehead, cheekbones and the bridge of your nose are the symptoms. This kind if headaches usually occur if you have a chronic sinus it also comes when you have a fever, runny nose, and flu. This kind of a headache is not that severe because it only usually rides with some illnesses.

Hormone headaches, this type of a headache usually occurs to women who are experiencing changes in their hormone levels during their period, pregnancy and their menopausal, intake of birth control pill can also trigger the change in hormones that can cause a headache.