Keep positive people within your circle

Be with people who would like to be positive thinkers.  These people are ready to support you and will always give you proper feedback.  They may even serve as your coaches that you can depend on when you need some guidance.  Avoid negative people for they could trigger stress.  They could even prevent you from coping with stress in a productive way.

Stop and do some self-check

If you want to de-stress, take time to stop from your busy schedule.  Allot a time to rethink and to retrospect.  The first thing you could do is to take a stock of your life.  Think of the facets of your life which you usually dwell on with negativity.  It could be your career, family, or your current lifestyle.  Take it one at a time and focus.

Laugh a lot

When you are happy you release happy hormones.  Smile and laugh at funny, trivial everyday events.  Instead of blaming yourself for something that has gone wrong, laugh, smile, and get back to your feet.